Introduction to Prairiethanks

This blog is my way of expressing things I’m thankful for.

Giving thanks is recognizing and acknowledging what we have.  We all have resources.  We have life.  People.  Experience.  Things.  Beauty. Skills.  Memories.  Opportunities.  One could name other categories and countless subcategories.

When we recognize and acknowledge our resources, we gain power.  By “power” I don’t mean the ability to oppress and destroy.  Power can of course have that negative connotation.  But I’m of the view that most people want to use what they have to help others and make things better.

Our mass media overwhelms us with sounds and images and crafted impressions of things we don’t have.  We can feel pretty deprived when we see that we don’t possess the fine clothes, the pretty faces, the fit bodies, the cool or practical or luxurious items paraded before our eyes.

We easily feel deprived.  But is this feeling valid?  Perhaps. But more often we’ve failed to take account of what we do have.  Not knowing our resources, we feel we are without power.

Giving thanks as a habit and attitude of mind is a corrective.  The purpose of this blog is to exercise this corrective.

I’ve named it “Prairiethanks” because I live in prairie country and drive through it regularly.  Southeastern North Dakota looks sparse, especially at this time of year.  The harvest is mostly done.  Fields are shaved bare.  Trees are quickly becoming skeletons.  Rivers are low.  Warmth seems scarce.

But this prairie country is full resources.  I plan to consider these in depth in blog posts.

November 4, 2015


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